Becoming More Fertile - Improving Sperm Quality

How you can improve the quality and number of your sperm? If a woman can't become pregnant, even while the sex-life is satisfying, the partners can often look for possibilities to better the chances of a pregnancy. One of the most important factors, that is less widely talked about is male fertility problems and specifically having large enough number of healthy sperm.

For the miracle of life to happen, just one sperm and an egg cell are necessary. Still, the number of sperm determines how much time it takes until the impregnation. The reason for this is the possibility of a sperm reaching the egg cell and travelling up the fallopian tubes is always certain. The more fertile the semen is, the quicker a woman might become pregnant.

The semen of a man contains an average between 40 million and 300 million sperms per milliliter. Some men produce less fertile semen, which contains only between 10 million and 20 million sperms per milliliter. In both cases, the number of sperms is enough to enable a pregnancy. So what can you do you might ask?

1. Reducing weight

Overweight people can improve the production of their sperms simply by reducing their own weight. Different studies came to the conclusion that the weight-reduction can improve the volume of the semen as well as the concentration and the mobility of the sperms significantly.

Especially men with a high BMI (Body-Mass-Index) can enhance the quality of their sperms with an effective diet and sufficient sport.

2. Workouts – keep moving, to keep your swimmers strong.

People with a healthy physique improve their sperm-count and –productivity with frequent workouts. A recent study shows the most effective workouts contain weight lifting and outdoor exercises.

Through regular exercises, as part of the daily routines, men keep their weight, improve the health of their semen and a host of other health benefits.

3. Vitamins – stay topped up

Vitamin D, C, E and CoQ10 – all these vitamins are important for the health of the sperms. Even one supplement of Vitamin C per day can enhance the concentration and mobility of produces sperms significantly. The number of sperms might be the same, but the semen is able to move more easily with the help of a boost of Vitamins. It is important to use a high-quality vitamin which does not skimp on quality. VitaNutra is a high-quality brand for multi-purpose vitamins.

A balanced level of Vitamin D has equal effects. It might at least raise the possibility of pregnancy like another recent study has shown. Many studies about the connections between the level of vitamins and the quality of sperms are still going on, but the ones, which are already concluded, proofed the same results of a definite existing connection.

So it might be good for you to talk with your doctor about a thorough body check-up or which products might be advised to improve your own libido.

4. Avoid tobacco, alcohol and heavy drugs.

An unhealthy lifestyle can influent the quality and the number of sperms negatively. Especially the consumption of alcohol and tobacco is bad for the semen. Also, Illegal substances like anabolic steroids or cocaine compromise the health of the sperms.

Drug-addicted people should contact a doctor and start a therapy to overcome their addiction.

5. Checking your environment

The quality of sperms can get compromised by pesticides, dissolver, glue and other substances. The toxins which these substances contain don't just harm the productivity of the sperms, but also reduce their number over time.

People, who are exposed to such substances regular are advised to change their clothes after every contact. It would also be wise to reduce the contact with these substances until the pregnancy has happened.

Some lines of work are also harmful, when people are exposed to excessive heat or radiation or when people have to sit down over longer periods. In such a case it would also be wise to look for a change until the quality of the semen has improved. Environmental reasons are believed to be why sperm counts have dropped 50% in many western countries.

6. Loose the bike, loosen your shorts !

Cyclists have in many cases a lower sperm-count because their testicles are exposed to constant pressure during their rides. This problem is known for people, who sit more than five hours a week on a bicycle. But the problem can be solved if the seat of the bicycle is adjusted in the right way.

The fitting of underwear is also an important factor. Too tight underwear leads to excessively high pressure on the testicles, which results in the deterioration of the quality of the sperms. Boxer shorts and cotton underpants prevents this from happening.

When should you visit a doctor?

Couples who want to become pregnant should visit a doctor if an impregnation hasn't happened in the duration of one year. If the woman is older as 35 years, you should go to a doctor after six months of intercourse.

Also if the line of work, a hobby or an illness could be the reasons for a lesser sperm-productivity, it is advised to ask for medical expertise.

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