It’s true: women climax easier with larger penises

Studies show: Women, who prefer having sex with men, whose penis is blessed by length are more likely to reach an orgasm.

In the Journal of Sexual Medicine, a study was published, which came to the conclusion that women preferring longer penises on men more often get a vaginal orgasm rather than a clitoral climax.

The researcher wrote in their survey about this: "The research results show that the orgasm of women during sexual intercourse are influenced by factors of the man's health, which are linked to his fitness. The size of a penis is for many women an important factor and the preference of a larger penis is connected to larger vaginal orgasms."

These orgasms were reached "without a clitoral stimulation at the same time".

For the study, 323 women were interviewed about their sexual behavior during the last month. The researcher asked the women to report, how much sex they had, which kind of sex they experienced and what kind of impact a larger than average sized penis had on the possibility of orgasm during the sexual intercourse. They came to the result that the possibility of vaginal orgasm is larger with a longer penis – but not with other kinds of orgasms.

The researcher concluded: "Women who prefer deeper sexual intercourse rather get vaginal orgasms and therefore prefer penises which are a bit larger than average."

But men without an over-average sized penis don't need to get depressed – another study found out the way how men are able to reach the climax of a woman without fail every time.

A survey by a team of scientist in the USA came to the result, that three specific moves in a special combination increase the possibility of a woman reaching orgasm with her partner drastically. Women will definitely get a high note when their partner indulge them with kisses, genital stimulation and oral intercourse.

In the magazine "Archives of Sexual Behavior" a team of researchers of the USA published the answers of over 52.000 aged between 18 and 65 years, who were living in a relationship. The data was collected for an online survey on the website of NBC News.

David Frederick, principal author for research at the Chapman University said: "We had the rare chance to collect answers from over 50.000 people including 2.000 gays, lesbians and bisexual men and women. While 95% of the heterosexual men stated to have usually or every time reach an orgasm, only 65% of the heterosexual women said the same.

Elisabeth Lloyd, co-author for research and professor of biology at the Indiana University as well as the author of the book "The Case of Female Orgasm" added: "About 30% of men really think sexual intercourse is the best method for women to reach an orgasm. This number is plain tragic because the men couldn't be more wrong.

It is an understatement to say that we need more education in that matter." The survey concludes that only 35% of the heterosexual women every time or usually get to their climax by vaginal sex alone. 44% said that they experienced an orgasm only or a few times or never at all.

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