The penis enlargement dilemma: surgery, pumps, or supplements?

How can I make my penis bigger?

Most men on the Internet have searched for this question at least once. Some men are looking to obtain a pornstar size member, others would just prefer an additional inch or two to better satisfy their lover. Increased confidence can be a motivation as well as enhanced sexual prowess in the bedroom. There are many options available, here we will be examining each one whilst looking at benefits drawbacks.

Are penis enlargement operations the way forward?

Going und the knife is never an easy decision. This method includes adding additional liposuction body fat to the side of the penis to increase the girth of the penis. This has been said to be effective in some cases, but it comes with an element of risk and medical costs, above €4000. Also, up to 90% of the added fat can then be lost in the following years, making the surgery useless. Another drawback is it does not increase the blood flow to your penis during sex, making the penis floppy during an erection. For theses reason and the especially the considerable risk - we do not recommend surgery.

Penis weights make the penis long – right?

That's right. The penis expander can pull the penis longer. A loop is attached behind the glans and the penis is stretched either upwards or downwards. But these expanders are often large in size and can be difficult or impossible to hide under everyday clothes. In addition, one should carry an expander for several hours so that the tissue can stretch sufficiently and does not always relax back to normal. Added to this is the fact that the pulling sensation of penis and glans is unpleasant for many. This is overall effective, but it simply isn’t practical for men to use daily. If you are going to try this, it is best to start of slowly and not over-do the exercise.

A penis pump makes the penis grow – true or false?

Quite wrong. The penis pump is only a remedy for erectile dysfunction in the case of impotence. The penis pump allows the penis to grow only to an erection due to the resulting pressure. The penis length does not increase. Avoid this method!

Are Penis enlargement pills effective?

Not all supplements are created equal. Because ours are made for 100% natural ingredients and carefully sourced and a scientifically backed formula, we can guarantee the quality
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